Our Culture

Graphite-corp pay more attention to talent and technology, we have a high-quality, experienced team, relying on the enterprise research and development center, Our company now has a number of technology to obtain national invention patent license, and developed the high irreversible capacity, high cycle stability, high energy density and excellent first-class anode materials, such as natural graphite TB - 216 - g capacity of 383 mah/g, or low rebound), artificial graphite GS - 15 (g capacity of 365-370 mah/g, 1.70 1.75 g/cc compaction,Excellent circulation and low temperature performance), composite graphite gs-8 (gram capacity 370-377mah /g, excellent circulation performance) and other products, the key technical indicators have reached the advanced level. With high cost performance and quality service, our products are highly recognized and widely used by shenzhen bic, zhuhai guangyu, avic lithium battery, delaneng and other well-known customers.

Since our company was founded, we have been committed to the development in the field of lithium ion battery anode materials to create excellent brand "Luoyang Graphite-corp materials".

Enterprise Purpose:

Quality creates brand, innovation promotes development.

Enterprise Vision:

Satisfy customers, make employees proud, and let the society admire.

Enterprise Mission:

Focus on lithium battery anode materials, create green energy sources, and serve the society to contribute to humanity.

Enterprise Spirit:

Quality, service, innovation, value.

Enterprise Style:

Behave well, go right, and strive to be an example;

Speaking of ethics, repeating the trend, establishing a new style.

Employee Motto:

The company's interests are above everything else;

Things to do tomorrow are done today, and today’s things are done immediately;

Do what you want to do and do what you want to do;

Achievement comes from the team and the team achieves self.

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