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Product Description

Graphene is a new carbon material with a two-dimensional structure. Graphene has excellent electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. The graphene prepared by our company has a specific surface area of 500~1000m2/g and a thickness of 0.55~3.74nm. Graphene has a very high specific surface area and is difficult to disperse in polar or non-polar solvents. 

Features of 2-6 layers graphene:

1, At ultra-high concentrations, graphene exists as a soft aggregate.

2, Slurry state is stable, small block, no dust pollution, easy to add, easy to disperse.

3, The graphene was prepared by mechanical stripping method with few lamellar defects and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.

4, It can give the film low resistance, fast heating, uniform power, stable and controllable temperature and other properties.

5, It can adopt grinding, high-speed shearing/stirring, roller grinding, emulsification and other processes, suitable for all kinds of the water system.


Application of 2-6 layers graphene:

1, Waterborne conductive ink

2, Water-based adhesive to reduce water and gas permeability and increase strength

3, Waterborne coating systems, especially waterborne conductive coatings

Storage of  2-6 layers graphene:

1) 2-6 layers graphene should be stored in a dry, ventilated place where there is no other sources of pollution (recommended: temperature ≤ 45 ° C, humidity ≤ 85%);
2) 2-6 layers graphene should be neatly stacked, and the production batch number, date and other signs should be clearly identified;
3) 2-6  layers graphene should be carefully Handled during transportation to avoid the damage of the packaging; products that leak out of the package must not be returned to the box.

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