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Product Description

Features of multi-walled carbon nanotubes :

Carbon nanotubes (multi-walled carbon nanotubes) are graphite sheets composed of a layer of carbon atoms rolled into a seamless, hollow tube at a certain angle. Carbon nanotubes are another allotrope of carbon discovered after C60. Its radial size is small. The outer diameter of the tube is generally from a few nanometers to tens of nanometers, and the inner diameter of the tube is lower, and some are only about 1nm; Its length is generally in the micron level, and the ratio of height to diameter is huge, reaching 103 to 106. Therefore, carbon nanotubes are considered to be a typical one-dimensional nanomaterial.

Application of multi-walled carbon nanotubes: 

Carbon nanotubes may become a new type of high-strength carbon fiber material, which not only has the inherent nature of carbon materials. It also has the electrical and thermal conductivity of metal materials, the heat and corrosion resistance of ceramic materials, and the wearability of textile fibers. And the lightweight and secure processing of polymer materials. Using carbon nanotubes as a composite material reinforcement is expected to exhibit good strength, elasticity, fatigue resistance, and isotropy. It can be assumed that carbon nanotube reinforced composite materials may bring a leap in composite performance. The research on using nanotubes to make composite materials was first carried out on metal substrates, such as Fe/carbon nanotubes, Al/carbon nanotubes, Ni/carbon nanotubes, Cu/carbon nanotubes, etc. The research focus of carbon nanotube composite materials has shifted to polymer/carbon nanotube composite materials. For example, in a lightweight and high-strength materials, carbon fiber is used as a reinforcing material. The mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes and their small diameter and large The aspect ratio will bring better enhancement effect.

    Technical Data of multi-walled carbon nanotubes:



    纯度(Purity)wt%>99.9>99.9>99.9TGA & TEM
    堆密度(Tap Density)g/cm3

    -OH 含量wt%
    XPS & Titration
    -COOH 含量wt%

    1.28 XPS & Titration

    OD=外径(Outer Diameter) SSA=比表面积(Special Surface Area)

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